On-Demand Webinar
The Right Fights for the DBA to Pick
with the Server Team

Whether it’s a cloud, virtual machines or storage area networks (SANs) your databases need to run on hardware – it may be your hardware, it may be a cloud vendors or it may be in a co-located data center. In this on-demand webinar, you will learn about infrastructure and how it interacts with your databases.

From detailed examples, you’ll gain an understanding of how virtualization can negatively impact your performance if configured incorrectly, different types of storage and a little bit about the cloud. Most importantly, you will learn about the right questions to ask your server team for which environments. Finally, you will gain understanding of how to identify hardware bottlenecks and work with the server team to resolve. In this session, you will learn the wait types associated with these issues that will help you quickly identify the root cause of performance bottleneck, what to monitor for inconsistencies (ex., page life expectancy for SQL Server) and what questions to ask of your infrastructure team.

Watch Joseph D’Antoni, SQL expert and Evangelist and Scott Walz, Director of IDERA Software Consultants as they provide insight on techniques and tools to help you pick your battles.

In this presentation, you will learn:

  • Understand what you really need from you infrastructure team in terms of server configuration
  • A solid understanding of virtualization and how it can impact databases
  • How to troubleshoot a hardware related problem through wait statistics and operating system monitoring