In Search of Plan Stability (Part 1)
One of the most frustrating challenges many of us regularly deal with is SQL performance regressions caused by execution plan changes. Performance seems to take a nose-dive for no apparent reason and everyone scrambles to figure out what happened. Perhaps statistics changed, perhaps an instance parameter changed, perhaps indexes were added or dropped, or perhaps nothing identifiable has changed at all. Regardless of why it happens, the regression needs to be found and corrected quickly.

Watch the Part 1 on-demand video to learn:

  • How to define and identify plan stability/instability issues
  • How SQL profiles and SQL patches can be used to stabilize plans
  • Limitations of SQL profiles and SQL patches
  • How Oracle's SQL Plan Management features provide a broad solution for plan stability

In Search of Plan Stability (Part 2)
Using SQL profiles and SQL patches are mechanisms that can provide targeted relief to individual SQL statements that have plan regressions. However, Oracle provides SQL Plan Management features that are intended to prevent plan regressions from creating challenges in the first place.

Watch the Part 2 on-demand video to learn:

  • How SQL Plan Management (SPM) works
  • How SQL Plan Baselines are created
  • How SQL Plan Baselines are evolved/enabled for use
  • Limitations of SPM
On-Demand 2-Part Webinar:
In Search of Plan Stability

About the presenter:

Karen Morton is a consultant and educator specializing in Oracle performance optimization in both shoulder-to-shoulder consulting engagements and classroom settings. She is an Infrastructure Principal Director for Accenture Enkitec Group, a global systems integrator specializing on the Oracle platform.

For almost 30 years, Karen has worked in information technology. Starting as a mainframe programmer and developer, she has been a DBA, a data architect and now is an author, researcher, educator and consultant. Having used Oracle since the early 90's, she began teaching others how to use Oracle almost 20 years ago.

Karen is a frequent speaker at conferences and user groups, an Oracle ACE, and a member of the OakTable network. She blogs at