On-Demand Webinar
Step Up to the Multi-Device Application Platform

Presented by David Intersimone

Get valuable tips and strategies for architecting and developing your applications to run on Windows, Mac and mobile!

Developing applications across multiple device types and platforms is fundamentally different than focusing on just one.  Developers have to think differently when approaching modern projects that can include desktops, tablets and smartphones.

Register to get a link to the on-demand replay of this exciting webinar and discover how you can use the elements of the RAD Multi-Device Application Platform to architect your applications to run on Windows and more!

In this on-demand webinar, you will learn how to:

  • Create client applications with the VCL and the FM Application Platform
  • Build server and cloud app services with DataSnap
  • Access local and enterprise data with FireDAC
  • Connect with cloud and REST services using REST FM

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