On-Demand Webinar:
Organize your Entities with Sub-models

Data models have become increasingly complex and large-scale, making management more challenging. Sub-models are an important construct that help you to organize those models. When used effectively, sub-models make it possible to align sections of your data model to specific business functions or organizational structures, with synchronization back to the main model.

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how sub-models provide flexibility through granularity for your data architecture. Rob Loranger shows you several key features including:

  • How to decompose a model into multiple layers using nested sub-models
  • Display options by role or business unit
  • Entity/attribute traceability through Where Used and Universal Mappings

About the presenter:

Rob Loranger is an Embarcadero Product Manager for the ER/Studio product family. Previous to his current role, Rob was a Senior Software Consultant, and for more than 8 years he has been one of Embarcadero's leading experts for its database development, management, and architecture software.