Simplifying Data Change Tracking
with InterBase Change Views

The new InterBase® patent pending feature “Change Views” introduces a new approach to tracking data changes (with field level granularity) in server as well as personal computer/tablet/mobile databases. It is designed for today’s mobile centric world. Furthermore, Change Views offer developers a way to break traditional constraints in their thinking about data change tracking and the life span of data in briefcase models. Through its Change Views technology, InterBase provides easy access to a highly scalable change-tracking engine that developers can easily mold to fit their requirements, regardless of whether they need to keep 1 or 100,000 destinations up-to-date.

Change Views help speed up development and enhance the features developers can provide to their end users by eliminating the challenges posed by several of the traditional data management techniques.

This whitepaper examines the traditional approaches used by developers for tracking changes and the associated difficulties faced. In this context, the paper outlines the value of Change Views and why it represents a brand new paradigm for tracking and moving data changes, with a focus on:

  • Reducing data traffic and the cost savings associated with decreasing volumes
  • Providing realistic ways to keep even the largest off-line caches up-to-date quickly
  • Empowering agile developers to complete their applications rather than planning and developing change tracking techniques in their application code

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