An enterprise data architecture is an organized model of a business’s data and information assets, which contains a logical or physical representation of the contents along with metadata that describes the contents.

To help you prepare your data for an Agile environment, Henry Olson will share insights on:
  • Adding value with data architecture and modeling
  • Challenges with using Agile for data architecture
  • Tips and opportunities for making Agile teams successful
Listen to the webinar to learn how to leverage these tools and techniques to streamline your data architecture.

Of Models and Mashups: Data Architecture in the Agile Age
Is your data agile? Or is your process Agile?

About Henry Olson

Henry Olson directs the product teams for database architecture and management at Embarcadero Technologies. He is a proven innovator with deep expertise across the enterprise solutions lifecycle and more than 20 years of leadership experience in products, technology and services across both startups and large companies.

Mr. Olson’s consulting industry experience includes BI, DW and operational systems design and deployment in manufacturing, distribution, financial services and healthcare. He likes both boxes and arrows and once served as the night-shift DBA for a large retail bank.