Are you ready to become a super modeler and drive data governance initiatives?
  • Will on the fly business context for the models you are working on help you?
  • Will it help you if you are able to collaborate with your business partners and connect data elements with business terms?
  • Will including Big Data in your modeling expand your team’s capabilities?
  • Will integrating your mobile database into enterprise models offer you better control?
ER/Studio XE4 has:
  • CONNECT, a brand new metadata governance platform that will make your data modeling tools smarter and help you work collaboratively with business and data governance colleagues.
  • Big Data and mobile data support,  that will allow you to expand your modeling capabilities from the handset to the datacenter.
Join us for this launch webinar to learn more about these exciting new capabilities.

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On Demand: Smart Data Modeling with ER/Studio XE4 and CONNECT