Learn how to build applications for Windows using Object Pascal, optimizing compilers for 32- and 64-bit target platforms, visual and in-memory components, and a global ecosystem of additional tools and components.
This new 40-page document is a complete overview for developers experienced with any language or tool for Windows development, including previous and current versions of Delphi, as well as developers new to Windows development.  It mainly covers the following:

  • State of Windows Development 
  • Delphi’s 25-Year History of Innovation
  • Types of Windows Application Projects
  • Comparison of Tools for Windows Development
  • Key Delphi Features and Benefits for Windows Developers
  • Delphi Code Productivity and Performance
  • Additional Development Benefits
  • Videos
  • 25 Years of Delphi Innovations  

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About the Author
David Intersimone, known to many as "David I," is a passionate and innovative software industry veteran who extols and educates the world on developer tools, software development and software architectures. David I joined Borland Software in 1985, where he practically invented developer relations. During David I’s forty-seven years as a software engineer, development manager, developer community executive, development cheerleader, and developer advocate, he has created a thriving global developer community and thousands of articles, videos, and blog posts.
Before Embarcadero acquired the developer tools business from Borland Software, David spent more than 20 years with Borland in various evangelism, engineering, and development capacities, including creating the company's developer relations program. David continued to work at Embarcadero for an additional 11 years as Vice President of Developer Relations.
Today, David I shares his visions and insights as a pioneer in developer relations with program managers, directors, and developers where he gives workshops, webinars, guidance, and advice on developer communities, developer advocacy, and software development. David is also an Embarcadero Developer Tools MVP (https://www.embarcadero.com/embarcadero-mvp-program) participating in the developer community, writing, teaching, blogging, and participating in online events.
David I recently received the Spirit of Delphi Award for 2019. Winners of the award are selected by the internal Delphi team members. Candidates are considered based on their contributions to the spirit of Delphi and the community of developers.

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