RAD in Action Whitepaper
Unit Testing in Delphi

By Nick Hodges, Embarcadero MVP

Unit testing is an important topic. Very important. Unit testing can mean the difference between a codebase that is clean and maintainable and one that is impossible to maintain.

Delphi developers are lucky. For many years they have had the venerable DUnit framework for doing unit testing, and recent advancements in the language have enabled a new framework for Delphi developers, DUnitX. DUnitX takes advantage of attributes to make building tests and test classes easier than ever before.

This whitepaper discusses the why’s and how’s of Unit Testing in Delphi. It will make an impassioned plea for doing unit testing. It will show off the powerful language features that can really supercharge your unit tests and the proper techniques for writing good, easy to maintain unit tests. If this whitepaper can’t get you writing tests, well, nothing can.

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Unit Testing in Delphi with Nick Hodges