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Today’s database environments are becoming more complex, with the addition of big data, integration of new platforms, and expansion of volume. There's so much you have to know, so much you have to do, and you're constantly being challenged to keep up with less – less time, less money, less training, and even less staff. How can you make sure you’re ready for what’s ahead?

We can help you prepare for your future

We hosted two days of educational sessions for data professionals, targeted to address issues you may deal with during your day-to-day activities. The theme for the 2015 conference is "Prepare for the Future." The conference covered a variety of database management and data architecture topics including sessions on best practices, case studies, professional development and future trends on managing your enterprise data.

Why DataU?

  • More than 20 sessions led by Embarcadero and industry experts
  • DataU delivers training to you in the most efficient manner possible - online
  • Boost your database and data architecture skills so that you can prepare yourself for the future
  • Gain insight and awareness of solutions to challenges that data professionals face

Register to access all of the sessions, which are now available on demand. The complete list of topics is shown on the DataU web site at http://www.embarcadero.com/datau-2015-sessions