On-Demand Webinar: Creating Highly Connected Apps with Bluetooth and Kinvey

Mobile is becoming a must in the enterprise landscape, and companies are looking for the best technologies available to meet their application development needs for B2E, B2C, and B2B applications. Embarcadero and Kinvey have partnered to provide a full-service solution for the enterprise that makes front-end development a breeze, while providing the robust and customizable managed backend that every company needs.

In this on-demand webinar, we use RAD Studio to create applications backed by Kinvey. Join us as we explore custom app development, building connected apps using Bluetooth tethering and connecting to a backend cloud service – focusing on the healthcare industry as an example.

First, we create a mobile application for the consumer that connects to their Bluetooth-enabled heart-rate monitoring device. We walk through the steps to make an app that can:

  • Use authentication to log a user in
  • Detect the Bluetooth-connected heart-rate device
  • Display beats per minute
  • Log beats per minute in a list with a timestamp and username info for each entry
  • Saves BPM log to the cloud
  • Query saved data to pull the heart-rate log record

Next, we consider the healthcare provider use case, and create an application that lets the doctor or physical trainer:

  • Receive push notifications whenever the BPM of a specific user is over a certain number
  • Show customer name, recorded heart rate and time stamp
  • Save the notification record in a list in the cloud

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Creating Highly Connected Apps with Bluetooth and Knivey