Enterprise data is big and complex, and managing it presents significant challenges. Common terms mean different things to different teams. Most organizations use only a fraction of their data, and in some cases they can’t even find all of it! To deal with your data effectively, you need to know where it is and define what it means.

In this video, you’ll see how CONNECT works with ER/Studio to:
  • Create a single searchable registry of all data sources and integrate business definitions with data management tools
  • Relate business glossaries and terms to logical and physical data models
  • Enable users across the organization to collaborate on terms and definitions
CONNECT allows any authorized user to locate and make better use of data while adhering to business policies. Sign up now to watch the video and learn how CONNECT makes your data usable and useful.

CONNECT: Metadata management made easy
Business context, collaboration, and consistency
Introducing CONNECT – Smart Data Governance with Business Context, Collaboration and Consistency