On-Demand Webinar:
Become Agile with Data Modeling

The world of data has drastically changed over the past decade, and we’re now living and working in the time of big data, NoSQL and self-service BI. Today’s data architects must respond and adapt to new Agile development approaches in their modeling environment. However, it’s not the technique that makes it Agile, it’s the approach to the model itself. In this on-demand webinar, Rick van der Lans, an international consultant and data modeling expert, shares his insights on several aspects of Agile data modeling, including:

  • The urgent need for Agile data modeling and how to use it to understand data
  • The impact of big data, self-service BI and NoSQL on data modeling
  • Tips for designing Agile data models and linking business concepts to them

Ensure that your data models stay relevant within an Agile development environment. Learn and share the value of Agile data modeling.

About the presenter:

Rick van der Lans is an independent analyst, consultant, author and lecturer specializing in data warehousing, business intelligence, database technology and data virtualization. He works for R20/Consultancy. Rick is chairman of the annual European Enterprise Data and Business Intelligence Conference (organized annually in London). He writes for Techtarget.com, B-eye-Network.com and other websites. He has written several successful IT books.