Avoiding the Top DBA Mistakes

Linchpin People makes a business of performing WellDBA™ exams to help clients troubleshoot and optimize their SQL Server environments. This whitepaper summarizes a few of the top mistakes that they find organizations making. In most cases they are really things that DBAs just may not be aware of. The big exception to that is not properly backing up the data so that it is recoverable. This whitepaper focuses on some aspects of:

  • Data recovery
  • Data consistency
  • Maintenance operations
  • Memory optimizations
  • Alerting
  • Instance tuning
  • Power management
  • tempdb best practices
  • Baselining

These areas show up most frequently as issues in the WellDBA exams. Learn insights into why these areas are important and guidance on how to correct these mistakes in your environment.

About Tim Radney

Tim Radney is a Production DBA for a financial services company, author, trainer and partner at Linchpin People. Over the past 15 years he has had roles from systems administrator working on Windows, Netware, Citrix and SQL Server to eventually becoming a lead database administrator. Tim holds certifications across many aspects of IT and is dedicated to paying it forward within the SQL Server community. He serves as the chapter leader for the Columbus GA SQL Users Group, is a PASS regional mentor for the Greater Southeast USA and is a regular speaker at SQL user groups and SQL Saturday's.

About Mike Walsh

Mike Walsh is a partner with Linchpin People and our WellDBA™ Practice Lead. He is an experienced SQL Server professional with 15 years of experience and has worked with every version of SQL Server since version 6.5. He has been in the role of DBA, developer, architect, and performance lead but always leans on his DBA and performance tuning experience. He loves providing training and coaching to clients and colleagues and has been recognized as a SQL Server MVP by Microsoft for four years in a row, since 2011. He speaks at national and regional conferences and SQL Server events on DBA, performance tuning, and professional development topics. Mike blogs regularly on SQL Server topics. Follow Mike on twitter @mike_walsh or his blog http://www.straightpathsql.com.