Is your Data Modeling Workflow Agile or Fragile?

Is your organization working on Agile or Scrum development projects? Many companies are moving to these methodologies for applications and databases, but haven’t taken them all the way back to the data models. Perhaps you have been left out of the agile projects because your developers think you will just be in the way of progress. You need to know how to successfully fit data modeling deliverables into agile workflows, and be able to demonstrate that data models can be flexible and synchronized with the user stories and tasks.

With the emergence of agile development workflows in database environments, the need for modeling in highly-iterative, process-light approaches is important. In this whitepaper, Karen Lopez provides 10 tips and discusses ways for data modelers to work with sprint-focused agile development projects, including:

  • How to position data models (hint: they are not “documentation”)
  • How to prepare your data modeling technical environment to support fast iterations
  • How to collaborate with agile teammates in a way that they can benefit from existing data model resources
  • How to demonstrate the value of data models to your agile teams