12 August 2015
8.30am - 12.30pm
Rydges Auckland
59 Federal Street, Auckland 1010, New Zealand

13 August 2015

8.30am - 12 30pm
Mantra Southbank
31 City Road, Southbank VIC 3006, Australia

In this workshop we will start right at the very beginning – a windows operating system and RAD Studio XE8! We will configure our Android USB driver so that we can get started with development. Our project is called CheckMeIn and it is an App that allows it's users to capture their location settings and share it with others. It might sound like a simple App but there are a number of features that we will look to implement:

Firstly there is the backend infrastructure – we will be writing a resource that will be deployed to the Enterprise Mobility Services (EMS) for creating, retrieving and deleting CheckInEvents. Our CheckInEvents will be stored in an IBLite database but you could really use any database for this - FireDAC is the connectivity API that we will use and one of the big benefits is the ability to simply swap out one database driver for another. The EMS will also be used to authenticate and signup users as they begin to use CheckMeIn.

The EMS is also the infrastructure that will be used for Notification. As users check themselves in, their peers will be notified and updated accordingly. We will configure the Google Cloud Messaging service and integrate it with the EMS instance so that all of our infrastructure centralised.

The User Interface will make use of a TLocationSensor so that we can easily get the current latitude and longitude of the users current location, the interactive TMapView so that we can plot out where peers have last checked in, TMultiView to control the CheckMeIn menu and features. We will also take a look at the UI design strategy of using TTabControls, TTabItems, TLayouts and TListBoxes to manage the workflow within the App as well as structure and placement of the visual controls, regardless of the size of the device.

In order to get more people onto CheckMeIn we will give users the ability of being able to invite peers from their Contacts List. This will be achieved by talking to the Android API directly to access the devices Contact List so that we can connect and invite them to join CheckMeIn.

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