IDC Technology Spotlight: Enabling Enterprise Agility Through Model-Driven Data Design

There is a growing need to build and integrate databases with each other and with new data sources. This is accomplished through integration of data models and their associated metadata across the workflows associated with database design, development and integration. Such data can be mapped to an enterprise business glossary, allowing business users to find the data they need, and technologists to determine the business value of each application function point based on the data it manages.

Data models that are grounded in meaningful business context can ensure ease of database development and data sharing. This analyst report examines the growing importance of model-driven processes for database design and management. The paper specifically focuses on:

  • The role of business-driven metadata in database modeling, design, and development tools
  • Customer challenges for managing enterprise data and options to address them
  • How IDERA's ER/Studio solution addresses the needs of today’s enterprise data landscapes