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On-Demand Webinar Replay

In this session, head of tmssoftware.com, Bruno Fierens will take you through an overview of the design choices and architecture of the TMS Grid for FireMonkey. Bruno will be working through the key techniques that were used to create the grid for FireMonkey. You will also be given a detailed guided tour of the extensive feature set of the amazing TMS Components FireMonkey Grid that is currently free when you upgrade to Delphi XE3.

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About the speaker

Bruno Fierens studied civil electronic engineering at the University of Ghent and started a career as an R&D digital hardware engineer at Barco Graphics in Belgium. He founded TMS Software in 1996, developing VCL components starting with Delphi 1. TMS Software became a Borland Technology Partner in 1998 and developed the award-winning grid & scheduling components. In 2001, Bruno started development on IntraWeb components, and in 2003, ASP.NET components. Currently, Bruno is developing and managing VCL, FireMonkey and IntraWeb component development projects. He is a consultant, working on custom project development and management on Windows, Web, mobile with Delphi and xCode. His special areas of interest are user interfaces & hardware.