Realize measurable huge cost savings
with tools built for data modeling

Using Visio or Excel for data modeling is like trying to drive a nail with a rock.  Sure, the rock is a simple, readily available tool, but if you’re trying to build a house the process can lead to cost overruns, project delays, and a fair amount of personal pain. 

This expert whitepaper will show you the true, cascading costs of using tools such as Visio or Excel for data modeling.  You’ll learn how using tools built specifically for data modeling can help you:
  • Keep your modeling capability in lockstep with your databases and data warehouses
  • Keep MDM and data governance projects on schedule
  • Reduce the high cost of data integration
  • Achieve up to a 387% ROI in year one
There’s an easy way to justify the cost of moving to better, easier data modeling tools. Find out how >>
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Using Visio or Excel For Data Modeling? You Are Working Way Too Hard