Does your team understand the connection between your data models and your organization’s priorities? Or is there a barrier to communication between sides?

To help you understand the situation within your own organization, we’ve teamed up with Karen Lopez on a whitepaper called, “7 Steps Every Successful Data Architect Follows to Build Stronger Teams”, that identifies ways to ensure a collaborative team environment, including:
  • Increasing confidence and respect among team members
  • Encouraging interaction and communication
  • Compromising and collaborating productively
Use these strategies to improve your team dynamics.

Learn how to build a stronger data modeling team with Karen Lopez

About Karen Lopez

Karen López is Senior Project Manager and Architect at InfoAdvisors. She has more than twenty years of experience in helping organizations implement large, multi-project programs. She is a Microsoft MVP, SQL Server, and a Dun and Bradstreet MVP.

InfoAdvisors is a Toronto-based data management consulting firm. We specialize in the practical application of data management. Our philosophy is based on assessing the cost, benefit, and risk of any technique to meet the specific needs of our client organizations.



7 Steps Every Successful Data Architect Follows to Build Stronger Teams