RAD in Action: Modernizing and Extending VCL Applications Case Studies
A two-part webinar series

Join David I. and John “JT” Thomas for these informative, technical on-demand webinars where specific VCL modernization and extension case studies are explored. Part I focuses on common use cases, while Part II explores customer submitted case studies.

In part I, we explore:

  • Modernizing your VCL applications for Windows 7 and Windows 8.1
  • Extending your VCL applications to mobile with AppTethering
  • Extending your VCL application user experience to include gadgets and wearables
  • Migrating a BDE application to FireDAC and IBLite on the desktop
  • Turbo-charge a VCL application with the Parallel Programming Library
  • Delivering new backend services to VCL applications with Enterprise Mobility Services

In part II, we explore:

  • Your submitted VCL application modernization and extension use cases

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