Does Data Modeling Still Matter, Amid the Market Shift to XML, NoSQL, Big Data, and the Cloud?
Recent database market dynamics have led many people to question the utility of data modeling. In particular, the advent of XML information management, growing frustration with traditional relational database management system (RDBMS) capabilities and vendor relationships, and the expanding influence of cloud platforms have led many organizations to reconsider their commitments to the practice of data modeling.

Other database market dynamics, including NoSQL and Big Data systems, have also led many people to reassess the value of data modeling. This document will explain:
  • Why the roles for NoSQL and Big Data are broadly misunderstood today
  • How market enthusiasm for these loosely-defined domains has challenged traditional data modeling assumptions
  • Why data modeling is more important than ever
  • How organizations that seek to fully leverage database market dynamics must redouble their focus on data modeling

In the era of Big Data, does data modeling still matter?