On-Demand Webinar
iOS Application Development with C++Builder XE5
Featuring John Thomas, Embarcadero

C++Builder on iOS? Yes, you heard right. C++Builder was updated for XE5 in December to deliver iOS mobile support for the first time. This is a big deal!

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn about the new toolchain and language enhancements such as Automatic Reference Counting (ARC) for C++? Yes, that’s right, ARC for C++. This is an awesome first for the C++ language and mobile development.

You’ll also get a quick overview of other reasons for Windows developer to upgrade to C++Builder XE5 including 64-bit, FireDAC, LiveBindings, REST, VCL Styles, DataSnap and more!

Topics covered include:

  • iOS developer setup
  • Creating your first C++ application for iOS

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