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Critical Toolchain Considerations for Multi-Device C++ App Development

Your awesome C++ app should be used far and wide.  When developing C++ apps for your end customers or others within your enterprise, how are you adjusting the way you work to reach the multiple devices and operating systems people are using these days?

This on-demand webinar will show you how to create multi-device C++ applications, how to take advantage of new C++11 features, how to create one codebase to work across the multiple platforms and how to use the IDE and toolchains for on-device rapid prototyping and maximum productivity.

During the on-demand webinar you will learn:

  • How multi-device app development can expand the capabilities and efficiency of your development team
  • How to create true native C++ applications for Windows and Mac
  • How to leverage the latest ISO C++11 standards for multi-device development
  • How to organize your C++ projects to work with 32 and 64 bit operating systems
  • How to work with local databases and enterprise data

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Critical Toolchain Considerations for Multi-device C++ App Development